Doctor Who’s Whovian Revolt | The Orville Ratings | Counterpart, Rotten Tomatoes and 25K SUBS!!

Doctor Who fandom is not split, it is in full revolt? Maybe . To my surprise. The Orville ratings are not good and this is cause for concern. Counterpart is amazing, Rotten Tomatoes and 25,000 subs oh my! Nerdrotic Nooner time. Plus, history and future of the channel.

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  1. Love the show, Gary. Have been a Who fan since 1971 and completely agree with your reviews of Series 11. When the speculation was going on who was going to be the 13th Doctor I had a list of 20. Ten men, ten woman and Jodie wasn’t on the list. I doubt she was many people’s lists. However, I thought I get behind the casting and give her a chance. Wasn’t convinced by the debut but I didn’t realise then that it would be the best of the season. It just went from mediocre to downright bad. By the end of episode 5 the Pting episode I was just left opened mouthed. Capaldi last series was fine. Not great but it was a masterpiece compared to this….dross. As a fan I couldn’t tear myself away from this car wreck. Demons of the Punjab was just awful. The Doctor and Fam just walk away and let an innocent man be murdered. Reality, maybe but I don’t watch Who for reality. It is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series. Well, it’s meant to be! There was no thrills, no scares and no fun in Series 11. Just when you think things can’t get worse and have hit rock bottom, along comes the worst episode in the 55yr history. I thought the Tsuranga Conundrum was the pits but I take You Away wins the award hands down. The bad father and it ends with her blowing kisses to a frog! Thank heavens they are taking a year off. It will need a miracle to save it from cancellation.

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