Doctor Who | The Expanse | Star Trek Discovery | #SaveSusan | 10K SUBSCRIBERS THANK YOU!!

Doctor Who | The Expanse | Star Trek Discovery | #SaveSusan | 10K Subscribers – WELCOME TO FRIDAY NIGHT TIGHTS 10,000 SUBSCRIBER CELEBRATION!! This will be our normal brand of news and views, minus one Susan Leighton ( #SaveSusan It’s a normal show with some celebration mixed in. A reset on how we got here. Our Nerd Cred and what shows built this channel. We will also talk about Doctor Who and some of the back lash we have received from our videos. Dennis will give his thoughts on Spock Smiling and the latest Titans episode. Daredevil getting cancelled (we called this months ago) and all the latest news. Hosts: Gary & Dennis

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Host►Gary Buechler @nerdrotics

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