The ExoZone with Overlord DVD | UFOs, Aliens, Bob Lazar, Area 51, ‘Oumuamua and Conspiracies

Welcome to The ExoZone – An Evening of High Strangeness
Taking a brief break from Pop Culture talk tonight for an indulgence. Tonight we are joined by Dicktor Van Doomcock (Overlord DVD) who is taking a break form all of that conquering to join us for a special talk about what lurks just below perception, goes bump in the night, and streaks across the sky at impossible speeds. Doomcock has brought is portable portal generator so we can all take a walk into…….THE EXOZONE.

Host►Gary Buechler @nerdrotics
Host►Dictor Van Doomcock @doomcock

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We do this just for fun. We will not present anything as fact. These subjects are not for everyone. We simply entertain the thought. Skeptics are welcome, but we are not here to debate or argue. Again, this is just two blokes with a mic and an internet connection having a conversation with some of our friends.
We will return to our regular programming next show. Thank you – Gary

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