Doctor Who Episode Leaked | Luke Skywalker Col. Kurtz? Counterpart Preview, 8K Subs and News.

Welcome to Friday Night Tights! Genre TV and Pop Culture commentary where you are part of the show. Join us in the best chat on YouTube. Tonight we will talk about the leaked Doctor Who episode by Amazon. Its it still revenge if no one cared? Man-bun Luke Skywalker was intended to be a bitter f*** all along? One of the best shows on TV, Counterpart, is coming back. Are you ready? News and 8000+ subs! Lets party like a bunch of nerds, in pajamas on our computers! Woohooo!

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Host►Gary Buechler @nerdrotics
Host►Susan Leighton @SusanontheLedge
Host►Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce

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