Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 1 Review | Captain Marvel Reaction | Doom Patrol, Beetlejuice The Musical and News

Welcome to Friday Night Tights joined by MechaRandom42! This episode Gary and Dennis give their spoiler free thoughts on the first couple of episodes of Iron Fist Season 2. Then we are joined by the ladies and break down the news of the week. Missed this one live? No problem. There is one every week. Friday Night at 8pm PST. join us live!

  • First official look at Captain Marvel in costume, and Skrulls
  • Timothy Dalton has been cast as Dr. Niles in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol
  • First look at the Doom Patrol in costume
  • The Academy is postponing the new Popular Movie Oscar category
  • DC Universe’s live-action Stargirl with have a reimagined version of the JSA and her sidekick STRIPE
  • Henry Cavill to play Geralt in Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher
  • Crystal Reed to play Abby Arcane in DC Universe’s Swamp Thing
  • Mega City One series will revolve around young judges with Dredd coming in every now and then
  • Rumor of Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay’s Six Underground series for Netflix actually being a live-action Thundercats series with Reynolds as Lion-O, shot down by by director Rhett Reese
  • Beetlejuice The Musical hits Broadway in March 2019
  • The Witchland series of books to be made into a live-action series by the Jim Henson Company
  • David Cronenberg is developing a tv series
  • Die Hard 6 (the origin story of John McClane) is now titled “McClane”
  • Dave Bautista may not return for GotG3, and doesn’t know if he wants to work for Disney anymore
  • Doctor Who returns Sunday Oct. 7th to both the BBC and BBC America
  • Bruce Campbell retweeting my (Dennis) tweet to him
  • Jack Black wants to make a sequel to Nacho Libre

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Host►Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce

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