No Star Wars Trilogy for Rian? Ash vs Evil Dead, Buffy & Firefly with DOOMCOCK

Friday Night Tights! Doomcock joins us for a very special Birthday Cast!
No Star Wars Trilogy for Rian Johnson? | Ash Returns to Evil Dead | Buffy & Firefly Reboots and Star Wars Meh Also, Iron Fist, Stan Lee, Mr. Robot, and YOU!

Ri’an Johnson losing his trilogy rumor.
After their comic runs end, Buffy and Firefly rights revert back to Fox, which is being bought by Disney. Reboot or revival of both franchises by Disney?
Tony (American History X) Kaye wants to cast a robot with AI as the lead for his film 2nd Born
Wu Assassins set for Netflix. Supernatural martial arts crime series set in SF Chinatown from the guy from Sarah Connor Chronicles
Birds of Prey movie looking to cast a biracial Black Canary
Lindelof’s Watchmen officially ordered to series at HBO
Season 4 of Mr. Robot may be it’s last
Bruce Campbell coming back to Ash…to voice him in an Evil Dead videogame.
Season 2 trailer for Iron Fist (Sept. 7) on Netflix..
Oct. 7th Star Wars Resistance is on the Disney Channel
Runaways season 2 returns to Hulu on Dec. 21st
Ethan Peck cast as Spock on STD (already did a podcast on this, but if news doesn’t pick up this week…

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