Star Trek Discovery is a Reboot | James Gunn Fired | Good Omens & Castle Rock | Thursday – Friday from Comic-Con 2018 – Nerdrotic Nooner 012

Here is everything so far. Secret Live Streams. Panel videos and the CRAZY Friday Night live stream we did. One of our best podcasts to date, and most controversial. Take a listen if you dare. We go over Star trek Discover dishonesty with it’s fans. It’s a fracking reboot people! If not they are committing crimes against canon! James Gunn gets fired for years-old tweets. A major blow to the MCU. Fandom is breaking down before our eyes, can genre survive? Plus Good Omens looks FANTASTIC!! Castle Rock 1st episode premiered at con and Gary watched it and so, so much more. Hours of “entertainment” in this post. Enjoy it while it latest. The secret live streams will disappear in a couple of weeks.

Monday Nooner 7/16

Tuesday Secret Stream 7/17

Wednesday Comic-Con Preview 7/18

Thursday Scret Stream 7/16

Iron Fist Panel

The Expanse at Comic-Con

Host►Gary Buechler @nerdrotics
Host►Susan Leighton @SusanontheLedge
Host►Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce

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