Legion Season 2 Episode 11 Review | Chapter 19

We come to the end of the brilliant season 2 of Legion. Go down the rabbit hole with us a we piece together, what is real and what isn’t. Also, this may have been the best, most elaborate Comic Book Villain revenge story ever. Not gonna lie, this was a dark episode and thank Legion there is a season 3. Are we in store for Unnatural Born Killers?

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Host►Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce

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One comment

  1. Sense8

    Over the weekend, I caught the 2hr Series finale of “Sense8”.. It sorta tied up the loose ends, but left just enough room to maybe some day continue the story.. As Finale’s goes, it was kinda Neh episode.. Wasn’t terrible, it coulda/shoulda been more..

    With such titles as the Matrix an Cloud Atlas, the brain child of the Wachowski Brothers(now sisters).. The cinematography was fanominal, shot all over the werld.. With sum absolutely breath taking panoramas.. Sense8 is most definitely for the very liberal minded.. Something that shouldn’t be watch until absolutely sure, all the little gaffers are asleep.. GOT has nothing on Sense8, hell the Story of O has nothing on Sense8.. The Wachowski definitely push moral boundaries..

    If ya never seen the series..? There is absolutely no Fucking point watching the Series Finale.. It won’t make any sense.. Easiest explanation Counter-part meets Legion meets the Crying Game.. It definitely takes a few episodes to grasp things.. It very well done up an smoothly orchestrated, but the first few episodes are going in every fucking direction.. Sci/Fi junky is gonna figure out basics pretty quickly.. It’s gotta be one of the best series I’ve ever watch, where the Plot doesn’t appear till bout the forth or fifth episodes.. That made it fun ta watch.. The beauty is, the story is being told from numerous perspective simultaneously.. If Ya don’t pay attention, it aint hard ta get confused..

    I don’t know all the reasons or speculations why Sense8 got canceled.. If I had ta guess..? One big reason was it was super confusing for main stream viewers.. And more modest viewers woulda found some of the subject matters offensive.. If there was any sorta hidden Politics, within the story.. It was for the plite of Gender nuetral people and how they feel persecuted within societies.. Considering both Wachowski are transgender women.. Think if anyone has a right to stand an speak for the Transgender community, the Wachowski’s have earned that right.. Nough said..

    Dramatic when it needed to be dramatic, hilarious when it needed to be hilarious, sensible when it needed to be sensible.. I have ta admit there were a few scenes I skip past.. Just an itzy bitzy too graphic, for me tastes.. That said only a couples times, in all 24 episodes.. If yor bored of the same crap, different pile and ya wanna watch sumtin not so main stream, definitely recommend Sense8.. All except maybe the Finale episode.. I felt kinda shorted..

    Bad Bunnii..

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