The Expanse Season 3 Episode 7 Review | Delta-V #SaveTheExpanse #BingTheExpanse

This episode of The Expanse we begin the third book Abaddon’s Gate. The protomolecule has formed a mysterious ring on the outside of the solor system. The Belt, Mars and Earth are in a race to get to it. The crew of the Roci has to deal with a documentary film crew on their ship. A Sling Shotter makes his way to the ring and the return of a long lost character. A shocker of an ending to all the non-book fans of the Expanse! Keep #SaveThExpanse & #BingeTheExpanse going! Almost there!

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Host►Gary Buechler @nerdrotics
Host►Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce

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  1. Observations.. S3 E7

    Freeze frame when Melba’s werking on the device.. It’s got something printed on the device.. The top line the last werd, part of the spelling “Explosive” in the middle of the werd.. Not entirely sure, but it looks like she attach a cellular phone to the bomb.? Or whatever the Expanse calls cellular pnohe.. When the cellular are turn off there transparent.. Ya really have ta watch it twice B-t-B to catch those little things..

    Notice that the Razorback isn’t tagging the Rocinate..?? Two woman racing sciff..
    Good bet Bobbi piloted Chrisjen to safer waters..

    Ever wonder what it’s like for a human splatting, like a fly on a windshield..?? The Expanse… Answered..

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