The Expanse Season 3 Preview | Ancient Aliens | Marvel Vs. Comic Shops | Channel Awesome – Nerdrotic Nooner 003

The Monday Nooner Delight with your pal Gary Buechler from Today The Expanse Season 3 preview, Marvel Comics may be behind the destruction of brick and mortar comic book retailing. Some ancient aliens talk. Listener suggested talk on the Channel Awesome drama, i have a different take…I think. you be the judge.
*Youtube has done it again, the first 1 hour and 24 minutes will take 24 hours to render, including The Expanse Preview. This has been happening for the last two weeks. Check back tomorrow at 3pm for full video or go to our website to catch complete livestream on audio.*

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Host►Gary Buechler @nerdrotics
Host►The Feisty Fan @FeistyComicFan

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