The Tick Season 1 Part 2 Review Part 2 | Episodes 10-12

Friends, destiny has brought us together this one last time to talk about our Big Blue Yonder…The Tick. It seems like you just got here. This time out we cover the final 3 episodes of season 1. Big Bismuth, The Beginning of the End and The End of the Beginning (of the Dawn of the Age of Super Heroes). The Tick thinks he is a Robot. Arthur is worried about his Mom. Ms. Lint can’t let go of Esteban(Overkill). Esteban(Overkill) is pretty tied up with Ms. Lint. Dot is our little infiltrator and The Terror has taken back ownership of Brown Tingle Cola. Oh yeah, and there is a Very Large Man walking around naked and the world’s greatest Super Hero, Superion, is sick. This show is both parody and celebration of the super hero and it brings us big blue joy.

Host►Gary Buechler @nerdrotics
Host►Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce

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