The Gifted Episode 10 Review | eXploited

Where has this been all season? The Gifted may have found it’s identity using the best bits of the X-Men Singerverse? There are stakes, twists, good acting, good storytelling shocking moments and a bad ass ending. All in time for a stupid Fox scheduling move. Let’s take a 13 episode season and give it a mid-season finale……after episode 10. From the network that cancelled Firefly and Sarah Conner Chronicles comes and X-Men show called The Gifted? BTW this show should be called the Exiles. My guess is that was the original name and Fox said it was too close to the X-Files. Hmmm? Anyway, good episode, dumb Fox.

Host►Gary Buechler @nerdrotics
Host►Jon Reed @JonReed16

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