110 | New Star Wars Trilogy | New Lord of the Rings | Same Old Marvel

The Nerdrotic Podcast Episode 110 – The latest real news about fake stuff. Disney possibly making a new Star Wars Trilogy their loyal fanbase deserves? Will Sony’s Tom and Amy ruin Kevin Feige’s MCU? Will the billion dollar Lord of the Rings TV Show just be Game of the Rings? Brian Michael Bendis leaves Marvel and Axel Alonso is shown the door not long after? Did a few Youtubers hasten the change at Marvel? Find out in this week’s exciting and new Nerdrotic Podcast.

00:01 Intro
01:22 Brian Michael Bendis Leaves Marvel for DC
13:11 Morbius Movie/Sony Subverting MCU
20:32 Lord of the Rings TV Series on Amazon
25:51 New Star Wars Trilogy
34:58 Disney inevitable remake of Original Star Wars Trilogy. Our Pitch
38:49 EIC Axel Alonso fired from Marvel. Youtubers played their part.
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