109 | Star Trek Discovery Renewed | Shazam Cast | Wonder Woman Oscars | Marvel Comics Entropy

The Nerdrotic Podcast Episode 109. All the real news about fake stuff from that last week or so. Shazam has been cast. Wonder Woman goes for Oscars. The thing that makes most of the films we love possible may have been stolen. Marvel’s best Villain returns. More Justice League news and Dennis and Gary try for the last time to tell Marvel Comics not to suck. There is an answer.

02:34 Robert Guillaume
03:48 Zachary Levi cast as Captain Marvel
09:15 Justice League News
18:04 Superhero Fatigue is here, time to change is now. Here is how.
22:31 Motion Capture Suit Tech stolen? Studios knew?
39:43 X-23 Script in works from James Mangold
41:37 Wonder Woman going for Oscars
45:50 Venom starts production
48:52 Star Trek Discovery Renewed amid divided fan base
1:07:04 Preacher Renewed for 3rd Season
1:08:51 MCU’s future plans causing Marvel Comics entropy

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