Star Trek Discovery Episode 7 Review | Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

“What I’m feeling. Is complicated. And strange” says Michael Burnham. Strange indeed. Both Jon and Gary are back to cover the 7th episode of the controversial Star Trek Discovery and came away…pleased? This time the crew of The Discovery find themselves in a 30 minute time loop and dealing with the quick return of Rainn Wilson’s Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Michael, assisted by Lt. Stamets, must figure out what the hell is going on with this thing called Love, a space whale and the repeated murder of her crew-mates.

Host►Jon Reed @JonReed16
Host► Gary Buechler​ @nerdrotics


  1. You have been fed for free from the tet of the Star Trek universe. You are paying because you’re now an adult and adults don’t get free lunches. If you do NOT pay then the fun stops and the ride is over. We pay so that the ride continues. If you want more control finance, write and produce what you want to see with your own characters and purchase the rights to use the characters that Star Trek has influenced you. Otherwise let’s be kind and move on.
    I’m still in love with this series. This is the best episode ever!
    I like you, HATED Enterprise. Mostly because of Scott Bakula & I too loved Voyager. This GROUNDHOG / NEXT (Nic Cage Film) was so exciting but makes your projections correct. Though I still think that multiple opportunities creates opportunities that would not have happened. I think you have to admit that the relationship between Burnham and Tyler could not have happened without a constant repeat because Burnham has never been in love.
    Time has certain constrains. It can be bent but not altered. If Mudd set a start and stop point which he did unless he was successful. He entered the code that would only be instituted if he was successful. You set a loop and you continue looping until you’ve completed your task. Think of if like the Matrix code, or like NEXT, or like I GOT YOU BABE.
    If you’re a MARVEL lover and have seen the INHUMANS then the character who can project the outcome of every action based on probability. Mudd uses his NEXT like memory and experiences to finish his task. Or think of it as an IF THEN basic statement.
    Tilly and the 20th Century music was the only thing I’d have to agree with you about the unreasonable. But Tilly was intoxicated not her normal self. Remember her normal self is unable to stop talking or censor herself. Drunk girl Tilly just goes for what she wants and she wants everything.
    Lorca was relegated to superfluousness. That I didn’t like.
    The best thing about the program was Stamets was himself and not a mirrored version of himself. He’s regenerated into a better loving person. The person who plays the character also has spoken out in real life about his abuse by Kevin Spacey. This program is causing people to become empowered. I loved it!
    I’m a huge Doctor Who fan as well.
    Orville is such a disappointment on several levels. Glad I could find some more disagreements between us.

  2. Jon: Vulcans and individuals who have survived Klingons attacks and killed Klingons are not regular people. Fighters who survived and individuals who attended special or advanced schools or training are standoffish especially when they’ve been convicted of treason. The military just released Sgt Bowe Bergdahl because our President asked that he be given the death penalty. The commander-in-chief can’t have an opinion on military justice because then the individual can’t receive justice. The officers had no choice but to release him.
    I hated MR ROBOT because he imagined his dad. I felt so cheated. The acting was amazing but the show succccccckkkkkkeeeeeeddddddd.
    He didn’t kill anyone this time. He killed people only to first gain entry to the Discovery. Like NEXT, like GROUNDHOG if you know Ned is going to step into a puddle you keep him from stepping into the puddle and he NEVER stepped into a puddle. That’s simple.
    Truman controls the A-Bomb of course you take the person who can deploy the A-Bomb because the bomb would never be used against them.
    There were no missed opportunity in the time loop that’s fake. I would have hated that. I disagree with you. Unless Burnham remembered like Stamets how could she remember how to dance? That she bypassed the dancing later made more sense and made the first instance forgivable.
    There’s no talking to Gary. We never heard about Spock’s personal life because Vulcan’s don’t talk about their personal lives. They chose Pre-quel because there’s no need to add the older cast members who can no longer play their younger selves. I disagree with you. Otherwise they’ll have to do that Sisco and Seven of 9 green screen where they incorporate these new characters into old episodes.

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