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Jon and Gary boldly go where fewer and fewer people dare to go. Into the STD universe. Gloves are off. In this episode Michael tells Tilly what to eat. Michael tells Tilly how to work out. Michael is told by Tilly and our new character Ash how awesome she is. Lorca gets some. More reading Klingon. Logic Extremists. Mention of a beloved character, and Star Trek Blasphemy beyond anything JJ has done before. Are you still paying for this?

Host►Jon Reed @JonReed16
Host► Gary Buechler​ @nerdrotics

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  1. You both are missing it. Just be present and remember where and when you are. Gene Roddenberry was always concerned with ideas that have to do with the betterment of man. We have a commander-in-chief who has us on the brink of war and knows more than the generals. In the Federation before the times of which we would be familiar, their were those who believed that all we needed was love. Then there were the actual generals who actually fight and win. When an Admiral institutes or participates in sex with a subordinate like a Captain it’s considered sexual harassment.

    That the Admiral is a woman is beside the point. That they had a prior relationship is unimportant. It’s sexual abuse especially when she uses the sex to probe his mental health status. The fact that Lorca could fool the Starfleet procedures only points to the ineffectiveness of the federation. Burnham and Tyler shake hands at the end not to be sexual or initiate a sexual relationship. She reintroduces herself because Tilly kicked her underneath the table to be more social, human and less Vulcan. Tyler says to her we’ve met to remind her and she ignores his comment because this is a brand new Burnham. This Burnham is a member in good standing and no longer a traitor. Men and women can be friends. It’s possible among adults even if adolescents can’t conceive it.

    Caldwell accuses Lorca of failing to follow Starfleet procedures and to demonstrate that Lorca is capable of following procedures even when they are coming from morons. Once and if Caldwell is rescued she will be like Tyler and Lorca woke and ready for the coming war. That Lorca is carrying a weapon when he was unprepared when he was first taken as prisoners. He won’t be unprepared again. Caldwell believes that the federations procedures and policies must be followed no matter what then he will respond in a way that will either result in her death or awakening. In any event, no Captain in the history of Captains surrenders their command willingly in the midst of war.

    Also, history has taught us that warships contain weapons and technology that may not be incorporated in ships of peaceful exploration. We know in the future spore drives will NOT be used that might also apply to early holodecks etc. In World War II the military stop considering flying single man platforms because the men could not fly, hold and fire a rifle successful. That the military has and had flying platforms is still in my mind f-ing amazing rifle or no rifle.

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