Star Trek Discovery Episode 5 Review | Choose Your Pain

This episode has an appropriate title considering how some Star Trek fans feel about this show. Choose Your Pain. We chose, and one of us came away unscathed, one of us did not. This episode was not all Michael Burnham all the time. We see the crew. We meet a new character, Ash Tyler. The Klingons are back and it seems there is some war time downsizing in the Klingon Empire. We get some backstory for Captain Lorca and Harry Mudd returns to Star Trek played by Rainn Wilson. All this and a pretty good ending. Did it help? Listen or Watch and find out!

Host►Jon Reed @JonReed16
Host► Gary Buechler​ @nerdrotics

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  1. My theory is that ash Tyler is one of (or the) first physically altered Klingons. I’ll put 9 to 1 that he and the captains tribble find themselves at odds. It would also fill a pretty sizable canon hole…actually could fill a lot of them.

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