106 | #COMICSGATE | #FreeStarWars from Jar Jar Abrams | #FreeXmen from Singer | Ash Vs Evil Dead Cancelled?

The Nerdrotic Podcast Episode 106. Jon, Gary and Dennis dive into the real news about fake stuff. This episode #ComicsGate may have started and the only clear loser will be the retailers. A petition has started to remove JJ Abrams from Episode 9. Bryan Singer continues to ruin any goodwill the X-Men have earned back. CW casting news. Watchmen news and all the latest up to date stuff. Enjoy!

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00:25 New Podcast Brand
03:10 Berney Casey Death
05:10 Jar Jar Abrams Petition and the state of Star Wars
20:16 Linda Hamilton, Arnold and Cameron back to Terminator Franchise
23:05 Happy! Premiere Moved to December
24:16 Star Trek Discovery Interlude
25:19 Back to Happy!
27:33 Tomb Raider Trailer and future of Video Game Movies
33:40 Sabrina the Teenage Witch Reboot
35:48 It Sequel
42:52 Saturn Girl in Supergirl
47:01 American Flagg TV Show from Luc Besson
48:53 Free X-Men from Bryan Singer
57:07 No Batman in Joker Origin Film
1:03:56 Watchmen starts production
1:10:10 F Bombs after 10 on Walking Dead
1:11:46 Director blames Science Denyers for Mother Bombing
1:28:57 Upcoming Podcasts
1:32:57 Ash Vs Evil Dead Cancelled?
1:41:01 AintItCool.com’s Harry Knowles steps down due to Sexual Assault Accusation

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