Episode 104 | DC Extended Universe ADHD needs Cinematic Adderall | Kirby 100 | Box Office Crash

Episode 104. Hosts Dennis and Gary discuss all the latest real news about fake stuff. Weekly deaths. The latest in sex swapping super heroes. More Disney litigation. Hellboy actor backs out. The DCEU changes plans again! All this and those unsolicited opinions and snap judgments you have grown accustom to.

►Sunny Landham
►Tobe Hooper
►Jerry Lewis
►Jack Kirby’s 100th
►Heathers TV Series
►Black Samurai on Starz
►Blade Runner Prequels
►Worst Movie Box Office Weekend since 9/11
►Happy! Premiere Date
►Bill Nye Suing Disney
►Robert Kirkman Suing AMC
►Hellboy Whitewashing?
►DC Extended Universe chaos

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