The Nerdrotic Podcast | Episode 100 | Roger Moore, Joss Whedon & Hellboy

Episode 100!!! Well, to be honest we have done more than 200, but this is our longest running podcast.
The Mother Ship! All the latest news and unsolicited opinions on all the real news about fake stuff!!
Gary Buechler @nerdrotic ( Comic Outpost/Technicolor)
Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce ( Color Comics)
Jon Reed @JonReed16 (

-Roger Moore Death
-Zack Snyder Tragedy
-Joss Whedon to Justice League
-Tom Hardy as Venom
-Star Trek Discovery Trailer
-Timeless Season 2
-Hellboy Reboot
-Can anyone compete with Netflix?
-Movie Review Payola
-Crappy Memorial Day Weekend Movies

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