The Nerdrotic Podcast | Episode 99 | No Marvel Phase IV

Episode 99. This Nerdrotic Podcast we cover everything from Adam Warlock to The X-Files. Plus, no Marvel Phase IV? Say it ain’t so.
Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce and Gary Buechler @nerdrotics bring you all the latest in the things you love!

-Clifton James
-Erin Moran
-Hollywood eats its young
-Gotham Trailer
-Krypton Trailer
-Kingsmen: The Golden Circle Trailer
-Cloak and Dagger Trailer
-Siren Trailer
-James Gunn doing GotG Vol. 3
-New Warriors on Freeform = GLA The Great Lakes Avengers
-Chrononauts Mark Millar Development
-Disney Aladdin: Will Smith
-James Bond
-Lock and Key 2nd Pilot for Hulu
-Adam Warlock too late
-No Doctor Strange 2
-No Marvel Phase IV
-DC has a golden opportunity

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