Nerdrotic Recap | The Expanse | Season 2 Episode 13 | Caliban’s War

This Nerdrotic Podcast we bring you our recap of The Expanse Season 2 Finale Caliban’s War.

Cotya doesn’t have time to bleed, or go into shock, or die. Chrisjen isn’t through telling him what to do. Bobby gets to rough a few fellas up, and at least one of them likes it ;). Prax helps the Blue Meanie take his ball and go home. Fred Johnson is back in the game. The protomolecule does some beautiful killing on Venus. Adam Savage makes his first, and last appearance on the show. Holden admits he has been an asshole. Naomi does too. Alex is just a swell pilot and Amos must do a lot of crunches. All this and Mei is still lost, and Miller is still dead. GREAT SEASON!!!!!!

Melissa Wagner @agentbossyboots, Gary Buechler @nerdrotic and Dennis Bithoulkas @daforce host the show.

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