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By Jon Reed @JonReed16 & Gary Buechler @nerdrotics

The speculation is hitting a fever pitch about who will be cast as the new Dr. Who. Tilda Swinton is leading in the betting markets, and as usual huge names in British acting are being bandied about. So… Who will be the next Doctor?

In this week’s “Nerdsplaining” podcast,  Jon Reed (@jonreed16) and Gary Buechler (@nerdrotics) take on the task of casting our ideal Doctor. To hear all of our thoughts listen to the podcast above, or by subscribing on iTunes by searching Nerdrotic in the Podcast app. But here are our picks for the best actors to take on this iconic role.
natalie-dormer410 Natalie Dormer –  With all of the speculation about Tilda Swinton, Jon’s wildcard pick casts a female actor that he believes is a more appealing pick. First of all, Natalie is gorgeous, and commands the screen as Margery Tyrell in “Game of Thrones.” In a sea of formidable performances, hers was easily in the top tier.

Neither Jon, nor Gary, believe that there are great story reasons for the Doctor to be a woman, especially with the strong female co leads we have seen emerge with recent companions, but you could do far worse that Natalie Dormer if you were to go that direction.


9 Hugh Laurie – There isn’t a speculative list out there that doesn’t include Hugh Laurie as at least an honorable mention to play The Doctor. This is Gary’s wildcard pick, since Laurie demands a steep price tag that production might balk at. Nonetheless, his role on “House” is similar enough to Dr. Who, that anyone with working eyes and ears can see that he is made for the role.


8 Sam Heughan – Gary’s fourth pick comes in at number 8 on our list. This “Outlander” would have the ladies swooning, especially if this iteration of the Doctor runs around shirtless fixing time and taking names.

In the grand tradition of Scottish actors playing the role, he can bring a rugged charm to the role, and revitalize the franchise. The only reason his is this low on the list is because some other young rugged actors, may fit a little better if that is the direction the show wants to go.


nick-blood17 Nick Blood – The best actor playing the best character on a mediocre show always stands out, and Nick was no exception playing Hunter on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” He may not be the most high profile name on our list, but he has worked with great another great show-runner in the past (Joss Whedon), which could be an a appealing characteristic for this new Dr. Who team. He is charming, but could bring some edge to the character that is so often portrayed as flippant or socially imperceptive.


cas-anvar6 Cas Anvar – Despite being a Canadian actor, Anvar has the voice to be Dr. Who. He also has a propensity for playing both an action star, as well as a professor type. He could embody all of the elements at play in the Doctor’s personality. Gary’s third pick, Cas is currently know for his role in “The Expanse” as well as voicing Altair in one of Jon’s favorite videogames, “Assassins Creed.” He may be counted out because he is not British, but given the chance, Cas could prove that unnecessary.

Let us know in the comments, do you think The Doctor needs to be played by a British actor, or would a Canadian be accepted in England, Ireland, and Scotland?


joseph-morgan35 Joseph Morgan – The first of our picks that is best known for playing a vampire, Morgan is best known for his role of Klaus on both the CW’s “Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals.” Jon’s third pick  has massive crossover appeal between the US and Great Britain, is ridiculously good looking, and has proven in “The Originals” that he can carry a show on his shoulders, with commanding presence and multi faceted performances. If the show decided to adopt a Victorian steampunk visage, Joseph would be a perfect fit to be the face of that iteration of the show.

1513901_SLAVE_KDM_4 Chiwetel Eijofor – MAN! This guy is such a fantastic actor. Gary’s second pick comes in at number four because he is simply amazing. Eijofor impressed all of us in his role in Joss Whedon’s “Serenity,” and most recently acted opposite Tilda Swinton in Marvel’s “Dr. Strange.” If anyone would stand out as the first black Doctor, it will be Chiwetel. He is an acting chameleon, and brings a sympathetic strength to all of his roles.

james-marsters13 James Marsters – OK, so we have another Whedon alumni, best known for his role of Spike in both “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” He is only as low as he is on Jon’s list because James isn’t British, although he played it on TV, which could be an issue. But he brings such a swagger and attitude to everything he is a part of….how could you lose? He is a bit older now, and could leverage his age to be a more thoughtful version than one might expect. Seriously though, a Billy Idol Doctor is a can’t miss.


2 Aiden Turner – Possibly the most probable of all of our picks to actually get the job, Aiden Turner is already a mainstay on British television in “Poldark.” Gary’s top pick (and I think the women of Britain would agree) is just plain dreamy. We both agree that the best way to get women to tune in is to cast an actor like Aiden Turner in the role. There is speculation that he has expressed interest in the role, and if Melissa Wagner (@AgentBossyBoots) has her way, the producers with grant him his wish.



ed-westwick51 Ed Westwick – I know what you all are thinking….Chuck Bass?? Yes Ed Westwick is best known for his iconic role on “Gossip Girl,” but he also has some great acting chops. He is charismatic, rock n roll, and all around hot. Jon’s Top Pick could revitalize the show and bring in a whole new audience. You would see the new sexy Dr Who show up in Rolling Stone , GQ, and all the Teen Mags.

What do you think of our vision for a Rock Star Doctor? let us know on twitter (@nerdrotics) (@jonreed16), Facebook , or in the comments below. For all of our thoughts listen to the podcast embedded above or in the Nerdrotic feed through your iTunes podcast app.

Runners Up: Charlie Cox, Dominic Monaghan, Jack Gleeson, Tom Felton

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