Nerdrotic Recap | The Genius | Episode 06 | Catch The Thief

Whether this episode of The Genius is called “Catch the Thief,” or “Catch the Burgler,” is debatable, but the fact that a Genius giant goes home is not. Ben (@BenDonsky) mourns a great loss, and Jon (@jonreed16) finally gets his way in Ben’s power rankings. Also, we have a new Genius Podcast theme song, crafted by Ben Donsky himself. If you can name all of the samples in the intro, tweet at Ben or Jon, or leave in the comments on our Facebook Page,  and if you get them all, we will get your info, for a Nerdrotic Prize Pack.

Make sure to subscribe on iTunes, and leave a star rating or review, so that you don’t miss next week when Colin Stone (@colinstone), from the Dom & Colin podcast, joins us to discuss Episode 7, “Open Pass.”

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