Nerdsplaining | Episode 03 | Game of Thrones Edition

In this episode of Nerdrotic’s Nerdsplaining Podcast, Gary (@nerdrotics) and Jon (@jonreed16) get into the geek weeds and explore the alternative universe where Game of Thrones characters are your favorite superheroes. Is Arya Stark more of an X-23 or a Raven from Teen Titans?  Is Tyrion Lannister Tony Stark or Puck? If you have ever wondered what GoT would be like with superpowers, this episode is for you.

Warning: this episode is for the nerdiest nerds only!

For reference, here is the definitive list including both winning, and losing, picks from both Jon and Gary. Let us know in the coments what you think of our picks. Where did we get it right, and where did we get it wrong?

GoT Character Jon’s Pick Gary’s Pick
Tyrion Lannister Tony Stark Puck
Jaime Lannister Wolverine Loki
Cersei Lannister Emma Frost Amanda Waller
Daenerys Targaryen Phoenix Starfire
Jon Snow Iceman Captain America
LittleFinger Karnak Mephisto
Jorah Mormont The Thing Namor
Sansa Stark Storm or Kitty Pryde Jean Grey All New X-Men
Arya Stark X-23 Raven
Theon Greyjoy Speedball / Penance Legion
Bran Stark Professor X Franklin Richards
Hound Sabertooth Wolverine
Mountain Red Hulk Sabertooth
Joffrey Purple Man Carnage
Catelyn Stark Medusa Black Canary
Robb Stark Spiderman Nightwing
Khal Drogo Black Panther  Conan
Ned Stark Captain America Superman (Kingdom Come)
Robert Baratheon Kingpin Hercules
Varys Nick Fury Catwoman
Sam Dr Strange Beast
Bronn Batman Deadpool
Tywin Lannister Red Skull Dr Doom
Gendry Nightwing Starlord
Jaqen H’ghar Jamie Madrox Warlock
Davos Auquaman – the one with the hook hand Green Arrow (OG)
Melisandre Scarlet Witch The Enchantress
Margaery Tyrell Mystique Lois Lane
Queen of Thornes Destiny Madame Web
Loras Tyrell Blue beetle – Original Northstar
Renly Baratheon Booster Gold Vindicator
Stannis Baratheon Magneto General Ross
Ygritt Kate Bishop Gwen Stacey
Brienne She Hulk Elasti-Girl
Roos Bolton TaskMaster Norman Osbourne (Dark Reign)
Ramsey Bolton The Joker Bullseye
Tormund Giantsbane Colossus Volstagg
Hodor Groot Groot
Jojen Reed The Cuckoos A Morlock
Grey Worm Cyclops Cloak
Yara Greyjoy Wonder Woman Gamora
Janos Slynt Toad Mojo
The Knights King Evil Iceman from AoA Galactus
Danys Dragons Lockheed, Fing Fang Foom, and Nidhogg Lockheed, Fing Fang Foom, and Nidhogg
Euron Greyjoy Deathstroke Taskmaster
Red Viper Deadpool Domonic Fortune

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