Nerdrotic Recap | The Genius | Episode 05 | Scamming Horse Race

In this episode of the Nerdrotic Genius Podcast, Jon (@jonreed16) and Ben (@BenDonsky) discuss all of the strategy that went into winning the Scamming Horse Race. We answer pressing questions like “Would this game have been better with real horses?” and “How can anyone possibly end this main match with 0 points?” Ben updates his power rankings, and Jon is frustrated in unbalanced games in the main matches.

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  1. I think I can shed some light tangential to your discussion about the opening: I am 95% sure Sunggyu usually comes out last because he has a hectic schedule (kpop idols live lives of literally being shuttled between broadcasts, radio shows, award shows, etc.). Another element to keep in mind in correlation to the sendout order is The Waiting Room (which I can also be almost absolutely sure of, because being an obsessive consumer of Korean television with no life I am roughly familiar with tvN’s layout), in which the cast are prepared (extensively, hair+makeup) for televised presentation, often together. The celebrities usually have their respective stylists (often more than one–the clothing coordinator, makeup artist and hair stylist usually come as two to four separate people), but with people that are public-irrelevant or so low profile it’s hard to say they “matter” as celebrities, so to say (which means everyone except Gura, Jinho, Sunggyu, Kyungran, Sangmin and Junseok), there’d be tvN default stylists or nobody at all, which means they don’t take hours of prep time, can cut The Waiting Room, and are more readily on standby.

    And lastly, on top of it all there’s obviously the PD storyline-scripting factor that you discussed, which is probably the primary but definitely not sole factor.

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