The Genius | S01E01 | 123 Game



The Genius – Season 1 Episode 1 – 123 Game Discussion. The greatest reality show on Earth opens with the amazing “123 Game.” Our hosts for this show are Jon Reed, who has seen every episode of the amazing South Korean reality Show “The Genius,” and Ben Donsky who has just started watching. Teacher Cha is pimpin’, Sunggyu is confused, Jinho stumbles, Is Sangmin Drunk?, and Poong is there too! If you like The Genius you will love this podcast. I pinky swear!

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  1. So i think the music is pretty important. They take in incredible amount of pop references to manipulate your emotions, curious about your thoughts. Also, at the end the lesson being that the snake only bares its fangs till the moment to strike provides for a serious bit of foreshadowing. Agreed with John as Sunggyu playing the George Bush.

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