Rare Amazing Spider-Man #666 Comic Outpost Retail Variant Found!

It took almost three years to write our first real blog post. On the 1st of 2017 look out for posts daily as we become a real grown-up website. Hi everyone, Gary Buechler here. I am the Co-Founder and big cheese of Nerdrotic.com. I was also the owner of a little shop of Comics called the Comic Outpost in San Francisco for a decade which leads to the meat of this post. Prizes! We are going to start giving away prizes on our podcast. The Nerdrotic Care package, because want your hands on our package, will consist of a few Comic Books and a couple of Action figure. All you need to do is lend us you ears (and eyes) for an hour or two from time to time. In the first 10 packages will be the rare Comic Outpost variants.
The story behind why these are so rare is tragically funny. When it happened, I wasn’t laughing. So, when we order retail Variants you can order 2500 or 5000. We did 2500 on Amazing Spider-Man 666 and 5000 on Avengers Assemble #1 and Spider-Men #1. We gave some out a sold a few. There are only 200 out there in the world. Where are the rest you ask? Gone forever.
You see, our neighbor to the Comic Outpost at the time was re-routing a sewage pipe to the Salon two doors down. The owner was too cheap to get a plumber…so she got her boyfriend to do it. The genius moved the pipe to my side..AND CUT IT OFF. So, toilet flushes right on top on 10,000 comics. Including our beloved store variants. 5 years has passed and I managed to find a little stack of each. I am keeping one each for myself. 20 for eBay and the rest for prizes. i post this blog because i am asked about once a month (used to be 3-4 times week) about the books and one of them has my cell phone number on it. Ugh.

There is the official story. As far as other prizes are concerned, believe me they will be really good, from signed Stan Lee Spider-Man Comics to Darick Robertson and Ben Templesmith original art. To kick ass action figures and some rare weird stuff to. Just look at my podcast studio background in the videos. Better yet I will make a video showing my room. I’m a little crazy..hence..The Nerdrotic. Watch out for more!

Gary Buechler


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