The Nerdrotic Podcast | Episode 42 | Make Mine DC

Let’s start out with some apologies. Commissioner Gordon, Agent Peggy Carter, we were wrong are we are sorry. Gotham and Agent Carter are great shows. Who saw that coming?

So, after we dine on our feet and some crow we get into the greatness of Flash, Arrow, the aforementioned Gotham and the WONDERFUL, THIS IS HOW YOU DO PERIPHERAL SUPER HERO SHOWS, Agent Carter!

Also let’s get on with the #SaveConstatine, the best show of them all. We also gloss over that little Avengers film with some Dawn Of (Love) Justice news. That and some stuff I can’t remember right now! Enjoy Podcastians!!!

Hosted by

Gary Buechler (The Comic Outpost) & Dennis Bithoulkas (Four Color Comics)

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twitter: @nerdrotics

instagram: nerdrotic

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